15 Random Things About Me

1 – Immediate Family Tree: Laat lammetjie and only daughter to Jenny and the late Vincent. Baby sister to Ian and Lee. Sis-in-law to Tania and Karen. Aunt to Levi, Tre, Demi & Erin. And spectacularly awesome wifey-to-be to Joe.

Try as they may, the family could not achieve a suitably refined family portrait.

2 – Proud Durbanite! Have lived in this sunny seaside city pretty much all my life, bar four years spent arbing around in Ol’ Blighty. I love everything about Debbin Town – the beautiful weather, the laidback people, the relaxed fashion, the unassuming & erratic nightlife, the crazy mix of Africa meets the East meets Europe. In short, this city rocks!

3 –  Am a 30-something year old senior PR consultant specialising in media relations, research and writing. I generally love what I do…except on the days when I feel it is the most thankless and pressurised job on the planet.

4 – Hobbies? I’m not ashamed to say I will quite happily spend hours on my laptop surfing myself into a semi-coma. When I’m feeling a bit more productive, browsing local markets, weekend breaks and a bit of exploring are always great. Love reading but never find the time or attention span to finish a good book. Gardening is a new post-30 pursuit I’m finding surprisingly enjoyable!

5 – My mum and late dad were polar opposites, and I have the best and worst of their personalities: eccentric and over-the-top at times (mum) and introverted and occasionally antisocial at others (dad).

6 – My significant other believes I have a case of undiagnosed ADD. I can start cooking a meal, then decide halfway through that I want to do some gardening, then switch to tidying my shoe cupboard, while in between messing around with my laptop which has about 20 screens open at any given time. Meanwhile the food burns to a cinder and I have to start all over again.

7 – I also have what my eldest brother (also a sufferer) calls ‘F.O.M.O.’ (fear of missing out). This means I want to be everywhere, doing everything, even when it is not humanly possible. Could explain why I hate queues, traffic jams, waiting for anybody, or anything that generally involves the aimless passing of time.

8 – I have a very active imagination and often talk to imaginary people about imaginary things. But only when I’m entirely sure that we – I mean I !! am completely alone.

9 – When I was younger, I dreamt of becoming a world famous ballerina who worked in a hospital’s trauma unit at night and wrote best-selling novels in my spare time. Reality sunk in at about 17.

10 – I used to watch Miss World and Miss Universe back then, then duck off to my bedroom to practice my winning world peace speeches with the aid of a hairbrush acting as a mic.

11 – I have a paralysing fear of public speaking. I’m getting over it slowly, but it’s plagued me from my days as a 9-year old doing school orals. So the Miss World / Universe thing would’ve never worked out.

12 – My actual height is a mere 1.47m. Eight year old kids in my mum’s grade 3 class love standing next to me and saying, “Look, look, I’m taller than her!” And I buy clothes in the petite section of department stores and still have to lop off about 15cms from the hems.

13 – I also have size 3 feet. This means there are months of drought where I am unable to find any suitable adult shoes, then intermittent bonanza periods where I get lucky and buy 8 pairs at a time. I therefore have a loooot of shoes, most of which I hardly ever wear. Comfort still ends up winning over fabulousness.

14 –  I am pathetic with money – usually due to the afore-mentioned F.O.M.O. Life is for the living, she says.

15 – I think about death and eulogies a lot… far too much to be normal.

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