[Dear Kate (11.04.11)]

We’ve never met but I’m fairly sure we’d have a lot in common if we ever did, simply by virtue of the fact that we’re both dealing with one of the most beautiful yet stressful times in any woman’s life – that of planning a wedding.

Oh dear. I said it.  The dreaded ‘W’ word. The ‘W’ word  which I’ve sworn blind to refrain from using for at least two days this week in an effort to protect my currently fragile sanity.

The truth is, Kate, there have been moments for me over the last month or so where the prospect of chucking it all in and eloping has suddenly become more appealing than…than a Vera Wang gown at 80% off on eBay.

And while my bridal drama might not come in the same monarchy sized servings as yours,  there have been early dramas and difficult decisions aplenty in my W planning world, especially in the absence of a handsome Royal budget and an army of planners and assistants.

Take for instance the bridesmaid drama – a fairly modest selection of just 3 bridesmaids yet two of them fell by the wayside for various reasons at a pretty crucial stage of planning. So the retinue has had several overhauls in its short period of existence. 

There’ve since  been mini cadenzas over the ridiculous cost of decor and red roses, deep debates about the rapidly expanding wedding budget; semi meltdowns over potentially inappropriate wedding attire, and regular spats and counts to 10 over well-meaning family and friends whose strong personalities occasionally clash with my own.

But with my (I mean our) big day fast approaching on 6 August, I’m realising these are but minor details and all part of the package, as we prepare to take this huge step in our lives together. 

When you walk down the aisle to Wills on 29 April, mine will be among more than 2 billion pairs of eyes glued to every last detail of your special day.

And when I take that same butterfly-inducing walk just over three months later on 6 August, in my heart of hearts I will know that after months of anxiety, frustration, hair-pulling, cursing and excitement, when we are eventually pronounced Mr & Mrs, it will all be totally worth it.

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