[Finding ‘The One’]

I was lucky enough to find ‘The One’ quite early on in my search. And no, I’m not talking about the husband to be. Rather, The Dress. The One that made my heart stop, skip a beat, then race up again all in one swift motion. The One that made me swoon. The One that fitted in all the right places and hid a multitude of sins.

I found it at Pink Chilly Bridal (www.pinkchillybridal.co.za) and the minute I put it on, I knew instantly that this was it. After a couple weeks of dress hunting, I had a pretty good idea of what I wanted. I’d learned what suited my midget frame with its big butt and thick thighs. I knew it had to be a dropped waist to lengthen my torso and accentuate my teeny waist, while still hiding all that junk in my trunk.

I’m looking forward to putting it on on that day and seeing what the notoriously fussy other half thinks of it.

But in the meantime, here are some pics taken in the search to find The One – some downright ridiculous and others quite embarrassing, but all part of the exciting journey nonetheless.

Above: a firm  fave of my maid of honour, but naaah.

Above: This was a size 4 and I could just about breathe.

Above: Stunning lace detail but did absolutely zilch on me

Above: Apparently one of the better styles for shorty makoti brides 

Loved the fit of this bodice (even though it was still two sizes too big), but the cream puff bottom was a bit overwhelming.

Felt a bit like a shapeless matron in the one above

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