[Very Inviting]

I really love my wedding invites. I spent a good few moments when I received them just staring at them and taking in the surreal feeling of seeing our names printed on them, inviting friends and family to witness our vows.

I got them done at The Copy House in Glenwood Village, which turned out to be the most reasonably priced among four places I’d checked out. They also had a nice selection of papers, as did House of Fine Papers in Florida Rd.

The other half and his parents did a good thing in steering me away from the rich full turquoise, embossed paper I was originally going for, instead suggesting I keep the paper and sleeve neutral and add in the potentially overpowering colour scheme (turquoise and red) just on the trimmings and printing.

I opted to use mostly my own wording, along the guidelines provided in an example from Copy House. Might not have been the wisest choice, since I noted only after receiving the final batch that I’d unwittingly omitted: (a) the dress code (if I see a pair of takkies or jeans at my wedding I will vomit on the offending person), and (b) the RSVP deadline (not too much of a trainsmash so far as friends have been RSVP’ing immediately via Facebook and BBM).

Anyway, after typing and deleting, tweaking and re-typing, phoning friends and family to bounce wording off them, etc, this is what we finally decided on (excuse the grainy pics and colour distortion from my phone):

The wording is:

For hearing my thoughts,
understanding my dreams,and being my best friend…For filling my life with contentment,and loving me without end…I do.

It is with joy that (OUR NAMES & SURNAMES),
together with their parents (OUR PARENTS’ FIRST NAMES – only my mum and both the other half’s parents),
invite you to witness their vows and celebrate 7 years of friendship and romance
on Saturday, 6 August 2011.

[We get married on exactly our 7th anniversary. Then all the ceremony and reception details follow.]


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