[Fascinating Stuff]

I blame Kate Middleton. I really do. Yes, she of the fabulously classy items of headgear and of course her wedding filled to the brim with insanely stylish fascinators. But even before Miss Middleton took her vows (and disappointingly so, in a long veil), I’d developed quite the leaning towards wearing a fascinator and birdcage veil instead of a traditional veil on my wedding day.

The truth is, I’m 1.47m tall. When I put on a long bridal veil, I instantly look and feel like a nine year old celebrating the Sacrament of Holy Communion instead of a grown woman engaging in Holy Matrimony.
But it hasn’t been a popular choice with the mother and future MIL. Mum of course harbours deep-set ideas about seeing her only daughter and eternal baby girl walking down the aisle looking like some kind of princess or doll. And I suspect future MIL, with her staunch Catholic views, does not think a good girl like yours truly (hahaha, that’s funny) should be chucking this tradition away, because “people might talk”. 
Trying to appease the two of them has already resulted in one seriously failed attempt to have a piece created that would combine my birdcage veil with their wishes for slight hints of a long veil. And yes, it looked as wrong as it sounds. My short frame was lost entirely in the whole spectacle of feathers, bows and netting.
So it’s back to square one in looking for a chic, cute piece that suits me. 
Here are some I love courtesy of http://www.birdcageveils.com and a couple other sites!


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