[Ryder Roundup: 2 years and 4 months]

This month, Ryder has really blossomed into a chatty little somebody at home.  There are so many new words and phrases that have slipped into his vocabulary since I last wrote on this, that I couldn’t possibly log them all. But here are some of my favourites right now, recorded for posterity (and just because his mispronunciations have me in stitches half the time).

  • When he sneezes, he says “Bess oo!” to himself
  • He’s picked up some of my idiosyncracies, like expressing his surprise by putting his hands over his mouth with big eyes and exclaiming “Ama goomies!” which is his version of “Oh my goodness!”
  • He loves to sing, especially nursery rhymes (where he usually hums along and intermittently shouts out only the last few words of every line.)
  • Favourite singing line: “Ha-wa wun-dah watchoo are!” from Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  • I heard him singing “Jingle Bath, Jingle Bath, Jingle Bath Away” the other day 
  • He loves Bob the Builder and shouts “Bah Bah Buddha… essie can!” – his Ryder remix of the theme song (“Bob the Builder, can he fix it? Yes, he can!”
  • He can’t yet say his “R”, and “L” properly so it often sounds as if we have a little Spanish boy running around
  • He’s been saying “moosh” instead of “move” until this week when he finally got it right. (e.g “Moosh mummy! Unna sit!” loosely translated as “May I ask you to reposition your large behind, please mother, as I would like to sit down.”)
  • We remind him about the magic words often, but just as often he says thank you (or “ta koo”) instead of please e.g “water ta koo mummy” when he’s asking for some)
  • This week, a regular utterance was “No go back work mummy” because he didn’t like the idea of our extensive free time together coming to an end. Sigh. Neither do I,  kiddo.
  • He knows all his basic colours and uses them all the time to describe things around him: “wed, gween, boo, yawwow, peenk, gway, onnij, bwack, white, purpoo, bown”
  • The number police can stand back. He now counts to 10 properly and no longer drops off the 2 or merges it with 3 to make “toowee”. He identifies the numbers when he sees them, but does get confused on 9 vs 6 and 3 vs 8 
  • He’s suddenly started calling his paternal grandmother by her first name “Sha” or “Sa” as he says it
  • He called his dad “Joe” and “Baby” recently, much to dad’s horror 
  • He finally asks for his beloved pillow verbally instead of the one-handed tugging motion he used to do. He says “pahwow” and “I seep” when he’s tired
  • The dreaded “Why?” phase has started. Hold me.
  • He is nuts about watching vehicle videos on YouTube and The Hubster and I find ourselves endlessly trying to find whatever highly specific vehicle he wants to watch at any given time (red fire truck! / big blue bus! white aeroplane! fast police car! etc etc)
  • Side note: do you know how many kiddies vehicle videos (especially Wheels on the Bus!) there are on YouTube?! There are thousands, and by the number of hits I see on each, they are bloody popular.  Either that or it’s the same 5 parents being subjected to millions of repeats each day as we are. The other day he asked for a pink truck (yep, my metrosexual in the making) so I YouTubed one and was so thrilled that later that day when I  took him out on an errand in the Port of Durban, we saw not one but two pink trucks. He went a little cray cray in his seat at the sight! 
So many new discoveries each day. I am loving this stage!

Love you kiddo xx

2 thoughts on “[Ryder Roundup: 2 years and 4 months]

  1. Love this entry! We are going through the same things with our little man. The hands over the mouth and gasping with big, wide eyes – check!! The missing out of 3 and 8 and now that he's gotten the better of those numbers, and can count up to 15 he always forgets 14! We are one of the 5 parents who give those Wheels on the bus videos their million views as they are constantly on repeat and gets really angry when we're in a WiFi free area and he can't access these! And very casually calls Dad “babe” which I find hysterical!!!


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