[Old Friends. New Kids]

Last weekend we had two of our dearest couple friends over for a spontaneous catch-up session, probably the first time we did so with our kids firmly in tow. Ours, our 2.5 year old son and theirs, their lovely 4 month old surprise baby girl.

This is a friendship going back around a decade, to the early days of our respective relationships and long before we all retreated into domesticity with marriage and babies. They’ve seen us at our very worst, at the height of our youthful debauchery, and they’re still around despite (or maybe because of) all of that anyway.

Somewhere along the way, The Hubster and I were faced with pregnancy and new parenthood, which put an abrupt end to all the fun we used to have together. And more recently, it’s been our friends who’ve been crying foul about the fact that we’re neglecting them, while they dealt with the hectic business of keeping a newborn alive.

Our Saturday session was nothing fancy. Just pizza and a few drinks at home, with lots of chinwagging and fun & games in between. But by the end of it, The Hubster and I both felt as if our weary mommy and daddy spirits had been renewed.

I’ve been thinking long and hard about the need to connect a bit more with other parents as a couple (in real life, not on blinking Facebook), as highlighted in this post.

That’s why it’s awesome that our friends M&T have now been ordained into the Order of Parenthood. And even more awesome that they’re going through all the war stories we’ve survived and can snigger at remember fondly now.

Here’s to so much more Parent Playdating from here on!


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