[My 35th Birthday Was Pretty Sucky…But Moving Swiftly Along]

So last weekend I turned 35, and despite starting off the day in an extremely reflective and positive mood, my birthday quickly dissolved into one that seriously sucked huge donkey gonads. I trust this is not a reflection of what the rest of the year is going to be like. 

It was such a non-event that it made me realise what my mum had meant when she’d looked at her pregnant only daughter on her birthday back in 2012 and said, “Enjoy today, honey, because it’s the last birthday that you’ll get to fully enjoy as your own, before you have a busybody grabbing your candles and running circles around you.” 

(True to my mum, very dramatic, but now I realise how accurate it was!)

 My husband was away for the Friday night on a work team-building excursion, so for the first time in 10 years, I woke up without him next to me on my birthday. He’d given me my gift the week before.

I decided to stay up blogging and Interwebbing until the wee hours… But just as I finally snuggled up next to my son at around 2am to catch some zzz’s, he woke up crying and I noticed he had a fever. He’d already been home with flu that day. So after soothing and treating him, my sleep was totally destroyed until I finally fell back asleep around 4am.

The plan was to have an early morning beach breakfast with my mum and Ryder, followed by a day out doing fun stuff with them. But I could barely open my eyes at 8am. Mum and I decided to delay our plans a bit so that Ryder and I could catch up on sleep.

Kiddo was visibly tired, but would just NOT have a nap. Meanwhile I was hanging by a thread just waiting for his eyes to grow heavier and eventually close. This did not happen at all.

At around midday I finally decided that we might as well leave the house instead of waiting for sweet slumber that was potentially never going to happen. And of course, as Murphy’s Law would have it, it was then that Ryder fell asleep just as I was packing up our stuff to head out the door. Argh.

By then my husband had arrived back from his team-building, which meant that I figured I might as well cancel my birthday plans with mum.

We waited 2 hours for Ryder to finish his nap. More time wasting indoors …

My wonderful mum arrived during that time with a generous gift and a cake, from which she and I proceeded to demolish 2 slices in the interim. Ryder woke up after mum had left and I lit the candles and let him enjoy the honours of candle blowing.

As a consolation for a slightly sucky day that had not gone as planned, I was still really looking forward to dinner plans with the Hubster that night. A friend had recommended an Ethiopian restaurant in Durban and I’d made reservations for us. But then, as often happens during Durbs summers, big black storm clouds suddenly started gathering in the afternoon, and we began to have the most insane early evening thunderstorm, so frightfully violent and torrential that we realised we couldn’t possibly head out to drop Ryder off for babysitting at my mum’s, nor could we risk driving out in door-deep water ourselves. 

So we cancelled the dinner reservations and decided we’d stay indoors with a bit of Chinese take-away instead from one of our favourite Oriental restaurants. Except that the phone just rang and eventually a voice message informed us the restaurant was closed for a month while the owners were away in China to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Seriously, could this day throw us any more curve balls?!

So Nandos it was then. For only about the 12th time in 2 weeks! (Load shedding for us happens precisely during cooking time, and Nandos has become our go-to takeaway option, and I am so incredibly sick of it that I am about to start clucking myself.)

In the interim I was dealing with toddler tantrums on very little sleep, and then getting super irritated at my husband over the smallest things. Perhaps it was a bit of cabin fever as well, since I hadn’t managed to leave the house even once all birthday!

Anyway, while the actual day did not go as planned, a huge saving grace from an otherwise diabolical weekend was having lunch with my family on the Sunday. Unfortunately my husband was feeling really unwell and decided he couldn’t attend.

It was, however, still very special celebrating my 35 years of life with the other people who mean so very much to me. Ryder once again took over the candle-blowing and we made it all about him. Because ultimately I guess, it actually is. This little man has altered every single facet of my life, and if it means I don’t get to spend my next few birthdays doing the stuff I want to do because I have the blessing of having him around, well then, I guess that’s something I just have to learn to deal with.

My nephew Tre’ (13), son Ryder (2.5), shorty makoti me (35) and nephew Levi (14) 

Now that’s some 35 year old wisdom right there.


6 thoughts on “[My 35th Birthday Was Pretty Sucky…But Moving Swiftly Along]

  1. Isn't that funny! Toddlers… gotta love em. Love the Bday pressie though, that book is one of the best I've ever read! And thanks for the reality check, baby number 2 is dues a week before my bday so chances are I'll never have another bday celebration again! LOL!


  2. Sorry, I had to laugh a little, even though your day was so sucky, it is so typical of being a mom and your life revolving around nap time! Sorry that everything went wrong but I think your little man made up for it. 🙂


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