[When that Working Mum Ish Gets Real]

Frazzled. Frenetic. Deurmekaar. And just plain insane. That’s my life right about now.

Work has been pretty hectic over the last month or two, but it’s good hectic, like the kind that means our design & PR agency is really busy and doing well and the boss is smiling. My own workload has probably tripled while all of this has been going on – and this has brought with it its own challenges of trying to juggle everything while still attempting to remain relatively sane… which would explain the prolonged absence from this poor, neglected blog.

It’s been rough, but I think I’m finding my feet now. I’ve been here before, but that was pre-husband and pre-kid, and at a time when I seemed to have boundless energy. Throw a partner and a 2 year old into the mix and suddenly work demands are a whole new ball game. 

So far it’s been back to getting home late some evenings, and going all day without a chance to eat, and bringing work home every night (but mostly passing out with the toddler before I can tackle it), and powering up the laptop on weekends, and, and, and…

You’ve probably seen the thought provoking comments from Pepisco CEO Indra Nooyi, in which she said that it really isn’t possible for women to have it all, and that the whole idea of a work-life balance for women actually isn’t possible (sentiments echoed by Anne-Marie Slaughter in her 2012 piece). I think I agree. Sorry Sheryl Sandberg. Women, and especially women with kids, just have it waaay harder. In my short experience, the toddler does not care that you have something due first thing in the morning. He wants you to play hide and seek with him, and he wants it now. And no, he doesn’t want daddy, he wants you.

That being said, I’m incredibly grateful to have a work environment that stimulates me and that, even in all the craziness, still works relatively well around my role as a mum and wife. Oh, and I’m super grateful for these people and things too:

  • Our parents, who step in and provide such amazing back-up support when needed
  • Our nanny who is awesome with Ryder, and keeps the wheels of our home turning
  • That I live in Durbs, where my commute is an easy 15 minute drive, and when it’s 30 minutes that’s considered a baaad morning
  • That I work for a small company that is sensitive to people and their lives away from work
  • For the opportunity to invest in the company and become a part of its growth 
  • Technology that just makes it so much easier to juggle the home/work responsibilities 
  • My husband, who is mostly always my calming agent at the end of a busy day
  • Weekends, that have taken on greater significance because I need to make the most of the time I have available with my family
How do you juggle your various roles with ease? Do you feel on top of things, or is it a struggle sometimes?

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