[Hubby Has a New Hobby – But Gaming is Still His First Love]

My husband recently got a nifty new camera on Gumtree at a bargain price. He’s wanted a DSLR camera for ages, and has always voiced dissatisfaction with the fact that most of our son’s baby pics were taken on smartphones. (We do have a proper digital camera, but the phones were just easier at most times, ya know).

Anyway, it’s been awesome to see him developing an interest in something other than freaken 24-7 X-boxing. I get that gaming is to him what social media is to me. But I’m still not crazy about it. I think it’s addictive and anti-social and a complete time waster (which funnily enough is exactly what he says to me about the time spent on my smartphone!)

Whatever. Anyhoo, I’m reveling in his new-found interest and excitement in tagging along now when I’ve planned one of my many outings for Ryder. He says at least he’s no longer bored, because he gets to polish up on his photography skills and at the same time spend time with us. This was a revelation to me. I’d never actually considered that maybe, just maybe, it’s just not as exciting for him as a dad to endure a bajillion kiddies’ activities, as it is for me. I tend to immerse myself in seeing absolutely everything through Ryder’s eyes and my biggest high is seeing how he interacts with the world around him – but then again, I carried him and nursed him and so maybe my obsession with him and his little world is a  little more intense? I’m sure there are loads of dads who enjoy that stuff, too. But I’ll let my guy off the hook for not always being one of them.

Here are some pics taken by our new personal paparazzo on a recent visit to People’s Park at Durban’s Moses Mabhida Stadium.

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