[Goodbye and Good Riddance, Afternoon Nap!]

This week we finally took the long overdue step of chucking out our almost three year old Ryder’s afternoon nap. I cannot even articulate the difference it’s made in my life. I’ve had a week of having so much free time in the evenings, because he’s out like a light any time from 6.30pm or at the latest, 8pm, and sleeps for a good 11 to 13 hrs. 

The problem is, he’s been home all week and so it’s easier to manage his day. Once he’s gotten over his current snotty flu bug and is well enough to be allowed back into contact with other kiddies, he’ll be back at school where they have a daily mandatory nap from about 12h30 to just before 2pm. Which might mean we’re back to square one again.

As he grew out of babyhood, he dropped his other naptimes on cue, but we clung to the last one because he genuinely could not make it through the day if he skipped it, without becoming over tired and unpleasant. Back in December, during the festive season rush, we had a few days where we were at the mall doing last minute shopping instead of being in a space where we could let him get some shut eye. What followed were vicious night terrors each day, where he’d break out into screaming and violent kicking and flailing while still very much asleep. Only after those unpleasant experiences did I discover you’re not supposed to try to comfort them in that state because it only makes it worse. And that being over tired was a definite contributor to these episodes.

Anyway, the breaking point for me over the last two or three months is that his bedtime resistance had become insane and there were nights I was stressed out and in tears because I was tired and had deadlines but Ryder was still awake and demanding my full attention at like 10pm and sometimes 11. The late bedtimes were not always a problem, they were fine until they started inching past 9pm regularly. It’s just no longer doable now that I often need to do some work at home each night. 
It was also causing such a rift in my head between my husband and I because I needed him to take over and keep Ryder occupied for a bit while I got on with work stuff, but Ryder of course was having none of it. Mummy must feed me. Mummy must play with me. Mummy must bath me. Mummy. Mummy. Mummy! This suited my husband quite fine, because then it’s an excuse that there’s very little he can do when the kid actually doesn’t want to be near him and only wants me. Bloody men!

Anyway, so this week with the nanny’s help we’ve pushed past that stage in the afternoon where he becomes like a tired rag doll, and we’ve kept him awake and busy all day. The result is that by 5pm he is pretty wrecked and it’s a nice easy slide into bathtime and bedtime, and hell, wine time for mummy.


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