[Mini Photo Shoot with Sam Swiatek at Lucky Bean]

One of our favourite play spots, Lucky Bean in Hillcrest, recently ran a great offer of an express photo shoot with local photographer Sam Swiatek

I jumped at the chance because hello, I’m the mum who suddenly remembered at the tail end of my busy pregnancy that I hadn’t scheduled a maternity shoot, and, with about 3 weeks left before I popped,  frantically called our wedding photographer (who’d never done a preggie shoot before) to help us out at the last minute. I’ve also since failed to book any professional photography for my family despite the best intentions to do so, with the result that most of my boy’s early childhood photos are of the grainy, smartphone kind. 

The morning of the shoot was the usual tantrummy trauma that comes with trying to convince my almost threenager to do as I say. The clothes I’d set aside for him became the reason for a mega meltdown. He didn’t want to brush his hair – or his teeth. He refused to wear the shoes I’d chosen. And he suddenly developed a case of narcolepsy and wanted to sleep just as we needed to leave. In the end I cut my losses, let him do mostly as he pleased, and dashed out the door with only 20 minutes left to make the 35 minute drive up to Hillcrest. Needless to say, when we arrived I was pretty frazzled and bracing myself for what I was sure would be a pretty awful experience.

But I didn’t need to worry. The photographer was awesome with all the kiddies and Ryder surprised me by coming out of his shell and co-operating way better than I thought he would.

We received a selection of pics recently and they sum up the serious, sometimes sulky, but still charming personality that is my Ryder Pops pretty darn well.

Thank you Sam and Lucky Bean xx

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