[Ryder Roundup: Approaching Threenager Status]

The idea was that I’d do one of these roundups monthly so that I never lose track of the kiddo’s development. But of course, that was perhaps a little ambitious, because LIFE happens in between and I get easily sidetracked, what with my un-diagnosed ADD and all. We’re approaching the bright and bold age of three…how is that even possible? Where has the time gone?

Anyway, quick roundup for posterity:

Talking: it seems bizarre that just a few short months ago I was concerned that Ryder wasn’t talking enough in between constant sucking on his dummy. But I finally ‘get’ all those well-meaning comments of “Enjoy the silence. It won’t last.” Because now the little guy does. not. stop!

Favourite word: It’s still ‘Mummy’. Said at least 1253 times a day, and in varying pitches and tones and volumes if I don’t respond in 0.02 seconds.

Pretend play: my absolute favourite! I love seeing how his little mind works. Most of his pretend play is centred around trucks, buses and construction. He does this thing where he dramatises the passing of time during his skits by tapping his finger on his chin and humming. So it’s all “Oh no, my car has crashed. Yet me call the pickup truck. (tap, tap, tap, hum, hum, hum). Oh heyyo Mr Pickup Truck. My car had a ‘acticent’. Can you help me? Ok, thank you. See you yater. Bye!”
He’s also going through a Doctor Ryder stage where mummy and daddy are “vewwwy sick and I need to make you better.”

Favourite toys: Anything to do with vehicles, but mostly trucks! It’s like he blinking knows every type of truck that ever existed. I blame the annoying YouTube videos he subjects us to daily. There’s one series of videos that each focus on a specific type of truck, and they have these badly written, cheesy songs in them sung by a weird, over dramatic dude who clearly missed his stage calling.(Like: “Cement mixer, round and round, pours concrete by the ton. Cement mixer, round and round. Works till the job’s done. He goes round and round and round…”.) Shoot. Me. Now. My husband and I hate them, but we have to listen to them at least 25 times a day. A drive through traffic is like a super exciting excursion for Ryder. There’s constant screaming from the back seat. “Mummy, yook! A pickup truck! Mummy, there’s an excavator! Mummy, yook at that big tank!” Takes all my strength not to lose concentration and ram into said trucks.

Favourite characters: Spiderman. Also Turtles. (not that he knows them by name. He views them as a homogenous group).

Manners: this kid sometimes has them in bucket loads. Everything is “pweez” and “thank you” and “it’s a presha” (pleasure).

Tantrums: Hell hath no fury like a 2 year old who wanted the yellow cup when you gave him the blue cup. He does the fake cry with no tears. The grunting and sobbing (still with no tears). The throw himself on the floor. That is until you distract him with something new or exciting. Then it’s all over. Worse than a PMS’ing woman.

Toilet training: pretty much no progress. We’ve had about 3 occasions where he told me he wanted to use the toilet and then did, and we celebrated with high fives and congratulations and updated Facebook statuses and called anybody who would listen. Other than that, the toilet gets a big fat ‘No!’ and I’m not pushing it. He wears underpants and goes for hours without weeing, sometimes falling asleep and either making it through, or on occasion drenching the couch or bed. Whatever. I have no real strategy here. Diapers one day. Undies the next. We go with the flow (excuse the pun).

Eating: my biggest source of stress. To think I had a healthy eater at one stage. Breakfast is just about the only thing he eats without fuss. The rest of the day it can be a battle, depending on what’s on offer. Since we dropped his daytime nap, he often falls asleep before dinner, which isn’t ideal. His school says he eats lunch well, but with me I generally get one of two reactions. Either: “It’s dees-gusting! I don’t want it.” or “So divine, mummy!” For some reason he loves our Malawian nanny’s pap and can chow that like nobody’s business. But the list of foods he will willingly ingest is getting shorter by the day.

Sleeping: I’ve blogged about dropping the afternoon nap. It’s been life-changing. Bedtime now ranges from 5.30pm to 8pm at the latest, and he still sleeps until around 7am. He’s also still in our bed. Not a biggie any more.

School: he’s been accepted at our first choice for Grade 000 next year, which is super exciting. (Side story: we applied when he was 6 months old, and we thought we were early, but there was a pregnant woman there placing her UNBORN child on the waiting list! How crazy!). It’s kinda daunting because he’s been at a home-based playschool just down the road for the last year and it’s super chilled. If he’s sick, I keep him at home. He misses school for days on end when he wants to stay home with the nanny and her daughter. But next year, ish gets real. We’ll basically need to be leaving home at the time (7am) that he currently wakes up, because the new school is closer to my work than our home and they’re really strict about time. It’ll be time for mummy and kiddo to finally grow up. Ha!

Big School: I’ve started scouting for Grade R for 2018, and it’s crazy, but applications for some schools open in January 2016. I just gave birth to him the other day and already I have to think about big school?! No man! Stop the clock!

Recent Milestones: dressing himself (read a funny post here). Hasn’t figured out how to ride his bikes/trikes yet because we don’t have a big yard for him to practice often. He still loves his plastic push bike. He knows and recognises all his shapes, colours, numbers and about 80% of the letters from the alphabet.

Cutest things about him:
The words he mis-pronounces. Like ‘acticent’ (accident). He also refers to a construction ‘hite’ (yes, weird. He can say ‘construction’ but not ‘site’). And he has a lisp and cannot pronounce ‘L’ as you might have figured out by now. I love all the funny phrases he spouts out every day. I also find it hilarious when he refers to me by my first name or calls his dad ‘Babe.’ And he refers to himself as ‘My Ryder’ because that’s the way I address him.

I love that I am the centre of his world and clearly his best friend. And seeing myself in him, hearing myself in the way he speaks and the things he says.
I have so many hopes and dreams for this boy! Thank You Father for this amazing gift called Ryder.



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