[Words My Boy Massacres]

One of the things I really loved about having a three year old was hearing the way my son’s  vocabulary exploded, from purely pidgin English to multi-syllable words and stories that went on for ages, sometimes with no real destination. I love being able to have actual, intelligent conversation with Ryder and to hear the way his little, burgeoning brain works.

But we’d all be lying if we said it’s not helluva fun hearing them muck up words and phrases along the way. And while his dad feels it’s important to correct him and get him to pronounce things properly, I think it’s hilarious and I’d actually love him to keep saying them that way until it gets a bit weird, like when he’s a teenager or something.

Ryder has a slight lisp and is slowly overcoming being unable to pronounce L or R.  He generally replaces his L’s with W’s, Y’s or R’s, and his R’s also become reinvented, although thankfully he seems to be getting better at these letters with practice and a lot of correction from Dad. Even now, if he tells you he weally wants to pray, it’s not that he’s being a good Christian boy, it’s just that he really wants to work off some energy having fun.

From the kid who has a really impressive vocabulary nonetheless, these are some of my favourites that he’s still butchering and some others he’s sadly outgrown in the last few weeks or months.











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