Behind the Blog

Hello! Thanks for popping in. I’m Jozi. Lovely to have you here.

The ‘Meth’ in the blog name refers to my married name, by the way, and relates to a private joke running in our family. No funny business going on here. I started this blog in 2010/11 while planning my wedding and it was meant to chronicle the drama of those days, followed by my wedded bliss. Unfortunately I’m not very good at following through on projects in my spare time. The blog died a quick death. I resurrected it once I found out I was pregnant. And then it was meant to be a journal of my pregnancy and eventual motherhood, which again never happened (the blogging, that is. The pregnancy and motherhood have very much happened). I’ve taken another crack at it in between life with my darling little son, Ryder, my Xbox mad husband and my work in PR in Durban, South Africa. I hope you enjoy these random tales.
Twitter: @jozidonj
Instagram: @jozidonj


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